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The prices on memberships for 2019 season are listed below.  If you purchase your membership before April 1st you will receive a 7.375% discount.  Early March we send out a letter with the offer listed below. If you did not receive a letter, please call or e-mail.  All members from last year will automatically receive an early bird discount letter. If you wish to receive a letter you can phone us at (218)751-3875 Course, 751-7412 (Bob)  or e-mail us. Note: Cash or check only on discounted memberships.

Single: 350.00 +25.81tx = $375.81

Early Bird: 350.00

Couple: 460.00 + 33.93tx = $493.93

Early Bird 460.00

Family: (3) 500.00 + 36.88tx = $536.88*

Early Bird 500.00

Family: (4) 540.00+ 39.83tx = $579.83

Early Bird: 540.00

Family: (5)580.00+ 42.78tx = $622.78

Early Bird: 580.00

Junior: 130.00 + 9.59tx = $139.59**

Early Bird: 130.00

*Families are defined as a mother, father and all children under the age of 18. Or a single parent and all children under 18.

*For families with more than 3 children, just add $40.00 for each additional child.  Also the children must be under 18 years or age to qualify under the Family Membership.

** On weekends and holidays juniors under 15 may be required to have an adult along.